Silk ID is a provider of superior hardware and software components built upon cutting-edge technologies. The seamless integration of our hardware and software elements allows you to deliver solutions with exceptional performance and simplicity of development.

Hardware Technology:

  • Optical Image Capture - Optical technology is the gold standard for capturing high quality fingerprint images by governments and other mission-critical applications. Silk ID designs its optical readers with high-quality glass components and multi-megapixel image sensors.
  • Touch-based area sensors - Swipe readers and tiny readers don’t work for real-world applications; our large area touch sensors are easy, reliable, and accurate.
  • Miniaturization - Innovative folded optics allows for large, high resolution fingerprint images to be captured in a small-footprint thin device.
  • On-board ARM9 processing power - For simplified integration, stronger security, and lower cost embedded solutions.

Software Technology:

  • shutterstock_171312470

    Extractor and Matcher are the award-winning algorithms from Innovatrics.

  • Extraction and matching can be performed in sensor hardware or on PC/server.
  • Very high accuracy and fast throughput.
  • Libraries for C/C++, Java, C#/.net
  • Embedded firmware performs device control, cryptography, image optimization, and anti-spoof functions automatically.

Anti-spoof Technology:

  • A patented combination of hardware and software are tuned to recognize the optical ‘signature’ of live skin and reject attacks based on silicone, latex, gelatin, film, and other fakes.